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Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan ZDP-189 Wa Series

 Ever since we began our business, we have often received inquiries and requests from our customers for knives made with special steels, such as ZDP-189 and Cowry X. Hitachi ZDP-189 is a premium Powdered Metallurgy (P.M.) tool steel (Carbon 3%, Chromium 20%) that is very attractive to knife enthusiasts, but is seldom seen in the kitchen knife market.

 When we saw knives using ZDP-189 steel for the first time, we were curious if they could equal, or better, the excellence of the Cowry X steel which Master Hattori uses for his famous “KD Series Cowry X Damascus” knives.
 Recently we had the chance to work with forge-smith Sukenari to produce some hammer forged ZDP-189 Wa Gyuto knives, and we are now very happy to be able to offer them to our customers!

 Sukenari is a great forge-smith, who proactively uses new cutting-edge steels. We appreciate and respect their knife making philosophy, and their sincere efforts to satisfy the needs and demands of professional knife users.

 These ZDP-189 kitchen knives were made using difficult and time-consuming forging processes and hand sharpening processes. Sukenari has devoted many years to testing and refining their ZDP-189 knife production techniques, and these incredible knives stand as a testament to their hard work and their hammer forging expertise.
Even if you are already satisfied with your existing Japanese kitchen knives, we believe that you will still appreciate the colossal difference in edge sharpness and edge retention that these knives bring.

 The knives have a blade core of ZDP-189 steel (HRc. 65), which is sandwiched between two layers of soft stainless steel.

 Each knife has a comfortable octagonal magnolia wood handle, which has a buffalo horn ferrule. For safekeeping, each knife comes with a matching magnolia wood Saya (Sheath) with a black pakkawood Saya pin.