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After the Western Culture and foods were brought to Japan (Especially after the Year 1900, Western Style of European Knives was also brought to Japan at that time), Japanese people had more chances to eat meats and they needed the proper knives for cutting meats. That was the Western Style knives which have Double Bevel Edge and is more suitable design for cutting, slicing the meats to prepare Western Foods. Japanese people became more familiar with using Western Style knives gradually as they started eating Western Foods gradually.

With increasing demands of Western Style knives, many knife makers have started to make Western Style knives with the experience and techniques of Japanese Swords making and Japanese Traditional Style knife making. (At that time, Samurai’s period was already over and many of Japanese Swordsmiths and Craftsmen had to stop making Japanese Swords and turned to make other cutlery.)

And time has passed and back to this generation, there are now many of fantastic Japanese Made Western Style knives being available from fine makers and Craftsmen.

Western style knives typically feature a“full tang" blade with two handle scales, and many also integrate a metal bolster. In usage, knives with the Western style handle typically require less maintenance, and are often chosen by professionals who can only use knives that meet specific rules or regulations regarding hygiene.

In this page, we would like to introduce common and popular blade types among Western Style Knives. There are so many varieties of blade types designed for specific cutting tasks and purpose. This is important information for your selection of right knives, and help you get your good cooking partners and special knife set.