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Misono Japanese Knives

High-performance knives made by Professional Craftsmen for Professional Chefs

Misono is the leading Japanese kitchen knife company in Seki-city (Gifu Prefecture); a Japanese sword-making capital with over 800 years of blade smithing history and traditions. 

Just like the ancient swordsmiths who forged Tamahagane (made from iron-rich sand) by repeatedly heating it in his glowing forge and then flowing all of his energy and soul in to the sword blade, Misono’s specially selected team of skilled craftsmen are producing the finest knives by combining time-tested traditional techniques and the latest modern technologies. 

Although Misono never allow visitors in to their workshop, we know the basic processes they use to produce blades are forging, shaping, heat-treatment, grinding, polishing and honing. Reliable sources have told us that Misono also uses a further seven or eight production processes, many of which are neither known nor used by other knife-makers. We believe these special processes are the secret to why Misono knives are so popular amongst professional Chefs and why they have superior durability, cutting efficiency and edge retention than the knives produced by other brands.

Misono brand could not achieve today’s good reputation and finest brand name without craftsmanship, experienced techniques and skills of making, also their products policy. It is not the trend to choose Misono knives, Misono products have long time history however their products are still very new and impressive for people who meets Misono products.
Because of their quality.