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This is a next generation special steel for serious users and professional chefs. The Powdered High Speed Tool steel knives are the ultimate cutting blades to satisfy professional’s needs in extraordinary sharpness and longer edge retention, and yet resistance to corrosion.

Powder Metallurgy Steels (P.M. steel) and Powdered High Speed Tool Steels are an interesting group of steels that are often used in industrial applications that require tools capable of cutting steel and also withstanding tremendous forces and high temperatures. P.M. steels are made using a variety of proprietary methods, but the basic process usually involves atomizing molten steel by spraying it through a very fine nozzle and in to a container of liquid nitrogen. This produces microscopic droplets of steel with a very fine grain structure and excellent metallurgical properties. Once the resulting powdered steel has been cleaned and sorted, according to the size of the droplets, it is sintered in to an ingot using a hot isostatic press. This process involves heating the metal to just below its melting point and applying extremely high pressure in order to consolidate the steel and remove voids.

For users of kitchen knives, the main benefits of P.M. steels are typically considered to be:

  • The ability to make higher alloy grades of steel than traditional steelmaking methods.
  • The ability to achieve a higher Rockwell C hardness without sacrificing toughness. This can enable a knife edge that is resistant to plastic deformation (e.g.'edge rolling') without being prone to chipping.
  • Steel which is easier to grind and sharpen than similarly formulated steels made using conventional steel manufacturing methods.
  • A highly consistent microstructure that allows knife manufacturers to more reliably predict tool performance and control for tool failure.
  • Chromium alloy steels which are typically more resistant to corrosion than their conventionally made equivalents.

Accordingly, we especially recommend knives made with Powder Metallurgy Steels to serious knife enthusiasts and culinary professionals who demand knives with the best possible edge retention and cutting performance.