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Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan R-2 Damascus Wa Series

This time, we are introducing beautiful Damascus Wa Gyutos using R-2 steel. R-2 is very high quality Powdered Metallurgy (P.M.) High Speed Tool Steel from Kobelco Steel Company. It is produced for them by a very skilled and reputable company called Kobelco (Kobe Steel Group), who also sell the same steel under their own brand as R-2 steel. SG-2 / R-2 has a very rich chemical composition, which includes Carbon 1.25-1.45 %, Chromium 14- 16%, Molybdenum 2.3- 3.3 %, and Vanadium 1.8- 2.2 %.

While R-2 does not offer the same ultra-high hardness as ZDP-189 or Cowry X (HRc. 66-67), it can still be used to make knives with a very respectable hardness of HRc.63-64. In fact, many people prefer P.M. steel knives in this hardness range because they are still relatively easy to sharpen, and offer almost the same degree of exceptional edge retention and cutting performance as ZDP-189 or Cowry X (HRc. 66-67) knives. This is the reason why many great Japanese forge-smiths consider R-2 steel to be the most practical P.M. steel that is currently available for making kitchen knives.

Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan R-2 Damascus Knives are handcrafted by selected special craftsmen who have a lot of experience and considerable skill in hammer forging the high performance modern steels. They leveraged this expertise to make R-2 blades with a beautiful and fine impact of Damascus pattern, and extra high-cutting performance and edge retention. 

We are proud to introduce these beautiful and very practical masterpieces to our Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan range of knives!

The experienced forge-smith recently finished reasonable price range of R-2 Clad blade version. You can enjoy and feel same great cutting performance and craftsmanship from R-2 Clad blade version too.


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