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ZA-18 Stainless Steel

The ZA-18 was specially developed by Osaka Clad Co., Ltd with Aichi Steel Corp to compete or even outperform VG10. It has similar chemical composition to the VG10, but contains higher Carbon (1.20 vs. 1.05), Chromium (18.0 vs. 15.5), Molybdenum (1.5- vs. 1.20) and Cobalt (1.80 vs. 1.50) for added hardness, durability and corrosion resistance. It is a San Mai clad construction with outer steel of AUS-2, that makes extra strong to bending and breaking. Kanetsugu has tested this steel and proved it’s incredible cutting performance and potential before they decide to use it for their Pro J series of Kitchen knives.

C 0.95-1.20% | Cr 17.0-18.0% | Mo 1.00-1.50% | V 0.10-0.25% | Co 1.80%