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Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan Hon Kasumi Series

 After the introduction of our Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan Special Custom Made Yanagiba Series, we began to notice that many of our customers were keen to own other types of traditional Japanese kitchen knives.

 Just like many of our customers, we love and respect the fine craftsmanship behind many of the legendary Japanese knife brands that make Japanese traditional-style knives, such as Masamoto and Mizuno Tanrenjo. We are very proud to offer our customers their knives, and will continue to sell them, but we also wanted to develop our own line of knives for our JCK Orignial Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan brand.

 Our new JCK Original Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan Japanese traditional-style knives are hand forged and hand sharpened by our team of top-ranking forge-smiths, sharpeners and craftsmen from Sakai City, Osaka. We are very proud to offer these new knives to our customers, and have confidence that they will be well received because of the following advantages:

• The level of craftsmanship offered by our special team of artisans.
• The knives have excellent overall quality and are aesthetically beautiful because our team of craftsmen pay extra attention during the production of the knife, particularly during ‘fit and finishing’.
• There are no compromises made with respect to the finishing of the blade and handle, including the spine, finger choil / heel, and the gap between the blade tang and the handle (The “Machi”).
• This extra work is not only important for the overall appearance of the knife; it also provides a more comfortable grip and a more secure handle. These knives are perfect for customers who not only care about the aesthetic appearance of their knives, but also their functionality.
• We have a direct relationship with our team of top-ranking craftsmen in Sakai.
• This allows us to offer you the highest quality knives at a specially reduced price.
• This has allowed us to offer you a wide range of traditional Japanese Hon Kasumi knives in both high carbon Blue No.2 steel and Gingami No.3 stainless steel.

 Blue Steel No.2 is a reliable Japanese high carbon steel that is often used for high-grade Japanese traditional-style knives due to the cutting performance, edge retention and ease of resharpening that it offers.

 For the people who prefer low-maintenance stainless steel blades, we also offer many of these knives in Gingami No.3, which is a high-grade Japanese stainless cutlery steel that has cutting performance and edge retention similar to high carbon steels, but improved resistance to corrosion.

 Each knife comes with a comfortable octagonal magnolia wood handle with black water buffalo horn bolster / ferrules, and includes a matching magnolia wood Saya (“Sheath”) with black pakkawood saya pin for safekeeping.

 Our supreme quality Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan Hon Kasumi Series knives are now available in a range of different blade types and sizes, to suit all of your food cutting needs.