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Popular Japanese Kitchen Knives

Discover the Art and Beauty of Japanese Knives

Have you been looking for the perfect place to discover the ancient and beautiful art of handcrafted Japanese knives?

Perhaps you’ve heard about the amazing sharpness and unrivaled cutting performance that a knife from Japan offers,and you wondered where to get them without going all the way to the country.

Maybe a friend told you that once they started using Japanese cutlery they stopped using their regular knives… and you wanted to learn more?

Or, maybe you were out at your favorite sushi spot and the chef’s knife caught your eye, and as you watched him prepare the sushi, it looked super effective.

You’re in the right place.

Trust JCK for Japan's Finest Knives and Cutlery

Since 2003, we’ve supplied a large assortment of the best quality knives, and we’re able to sell them at Special Direct Price from Japanese Knife Capital Seki City.

We’re proud to carry over 2000 different models of Japanese knives, all the major brands, and we also offer our own knife line which is known as JCK Original.

We’ve also got rare knives from actual master blacksmiths from Japan. Yes, we’re the real deal.

Our knives come direct from knife makers in and around Seki City, Takefu City, Sakai City, Sanjyo City Japan, which are widely known as the Japanese knife and cutlery capitals. The good news is that we can ship our knives to you in the world quickly for minimized flat rate shipping fee!

As you browse our online shop, you’ll realize that our knives are rooted in Japanese tradition with historical methods dating back to Samurai sword-making techniques from over 800 years ago.

This tradition is evident in the designs, handles, and blades you’ll see in the knives and cutlery on our site… but nothing compares to actually holding and using these amazing Japanese knives in your own kitchen.

But we’re not just a seller of Japan's finest cutlery, we also want to educate the world on how to sharpen Japanese blades, how to choose a Japanese knife, and teach about the history of the makers of various Japanese knives and blades.

One more thing, we know you’ll be happy with your purchase, so we’re proud to offer a satisfaction guarantee on any Japanese knife you purchase from us.

I hope you enjoy your time on our site, and I look forward to helping you decide on the perfect new centerpiece of your kitchen’s cutlery.

- Koki Iwahara, Chief Administrator, Japanese Chefs Knife (JCK)