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Mizuno Tanrenjo Akitada Ao Hagane DX Series

 The Akitada Ao Hagane DX Series is the highest-grade of knives in Mizuno Tanrenjo's fine selections and is made using Hitachi Aogami #1 (Blue Steel No1; HRc. 62-63). Blue Steel No.1 Wa-Bocho (Japanese traditional-style knives) are rarely seen because the high Carbon content (1.30-1.40%) of the steel makes it difficult to work with. Blue Steel No.1 also contains greater amounts of Chromium (0.30 -0.50%) and Tungsten / Wolfram (1.50- 2.00%) than Blue Steel No.2, which form hard carbides in the steel and thus improve edge retention.

 Each Akitada Ao Hagane DX knife is handcrafted and hand sharpened using traditional methods by Mizuno’s highly experienced and talented craftsmen and, just like the Akitada Hontanren Series knives, receive the utmost attention during each stage of production to ensure that no compromises are made. These fine works of art are perfect for the discriminating professional Chef, who demands the highest performance from their knives. Master Mizuno recommends these knives with confidence due to their outstanding cutting performance, which equal to that of Honyaki knives.