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Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan Pure Sweden Stainless Steel Wa Series

 When we visited the workshop of our “Special Craftsman Team” in Sakai City, Osaka, we found these beautifully hand sharpened Wa Gyuto knives, and had the chance to inspect them in hand. We are very impressed by the detailed attention paid to the blade finish and geometry, particularly the thin blade profile and finely polished blade, spine and heel. This not only created an excellent overall appearance, but also ensured that the knife was very comfortable to hold and use.

 This is something we do not normally see with other knives. When I showed the knife to a Master Craftsman that I know (Who has over 40 years of knife making experience that was gained from working in both Sakai City and Seki City), he told me that the knife was created using time-consuming hand sharpening and honing processes, which are only carried out by the most skilled “Wa-Bocho” (“Japanese traditional-style kitchen knife”) craftsmen in Sakai.

 Our Special Craftsman Team specialize in making only the highest-grade of Japanese traditional-style knives, which can only be produced using time-consuming hand work and extraordinary attention to detail during every step of making. In fact, our team of craftsmen from Ashi Hamono are considered to be the best in Sakai City, where they are well-known for their expert grinding and sharpening skills. We believe knives with this exceptional level of quality and craftsmanship are only produced by our Special Craftsman Team in Sakai City, and we are therefore very proud to offer their high quality Wa Gyuto knives to our customers.

 The blade of these knives is made from solid Swedish stainless steel (HRc. 60), which is well known for its purity and fine grain structure. The combination of this steel and the finely sharpened blades of the knives, mean they are particularly good for precise or detailed cutting tasks.

 Their Japanese traditional-style octagonal handles are made from magnolia wood, and have a water buffalo horn ferrule. Each knife also includes a matching magnolia wood Saya (“Sheath”) for safekeeping.

 Unfortunately, because the production of these knives is very time consuming, our supplies are limited and there is often a backlog of orders. We would like to apologies in advance for any inconvenience this might cause for our customers.