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Ai Deba

The Ai-deba has a very similar blade profile to the Hon-deba, but has a somewhat narrower blade and is thinner and lighter in weight. When compared to the Mioroshi Deba, the blade of the Ai-deba is typically taller, thicker, and more substantial. The relatively thin blade means that the Ai-deba is far better at slicing fish than the Hon-deba. It is ideal for dressing and filleting medium-sized fish with soft bones, such as mackerel. The Ai-deba has become increasingly popular in the Japanese market in recent year, and it is often chosen instead of the Hon-deba because people find the comparatively lightweight blade easier to handle.

The Japanese word “Ai" means “both” in English, and the Ai-deba received this name because is well suited to both filleting and slicing fish.

The Ai-deba is typically available in blade lengths from 135mm up to 270mm.