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Hattori Forums FH Series

A After years of the collaborative work with the Knife Forums "In the Kitchen" members and the premier knife maker, Mr.Ichiro Hattori, we are proud to introduce our first JCK Original, FH Series Hattori / Forums high end Chef's knives.                                                                                                  

  This was the project to design the most practical Kitchen knives by the knife enthusiasts for the knife enthusiasts, and we all got together to brainstorm the best sizes, shapes, balances etc for each knife. We have then finally determined 15 models of the most essential knife designs, and chosen Mr. Ichiro Hattori to make these knives to ensure the world's finest quality.

  For the handle material, the Black Linen Micarta was chosen for durability with solid stainless steel bolster and rivets. Each handle is hand contoured to fit your hand comfortably, and the full tang is tapered down for the perfect weight balance.

 These knives were produced in very small batches to ensure a high level of quality and performance. Every detail in design and manufacture has been taken into consideration from the special heat treat process, to the hand shaped Micarta handle and to the balance, ergonomics and profile of each knife.

 We are pleased to bring these fine knives available for sales to the JCK customers.

 Since introducing the Hattori FH Series knives from the year 2008, we have received many thanks letter saying these the best knives ever had from very serious knife enthusiasts to reputable professional chefs.

 It is assured that you will find these knives to be the finest semi-custom chef knives available today.

 Again, many thanks to the KnifeForums members and Mr.Hattori for their collaborative effort, and also to the valued JCK customers for their continued support to make it possible to create this finest JCK Original products.


Additional Info About Hattori's Making Policy and Hattori Custom Handmade Handles

Hattori Custom Handle

  We have worked with Hattori to produce variety of custom handmade handle version which makes different taste from each one.

  Mr. Hattori believes that a comfortable, well-balanced handle is just as important as a good blade, so Hattori pays special attention to the details of the handle. In addition to carefully inspecting the exterior appearance of handles, Hattori also checks the durability of the materials to ensure that natural cracking and shrinkage are kept to a minimum during long-term ownership.

When Hattori uses the natural wood materials, before being assembled and shaped, each carefully selected block of handle wood is boiled in wax for 3 hours, then cut in half to produce two 'book-matched' slabs that have 'mirror image' woodgrain patterns. In fact, when I first saw and gripped the natural wood handle, it felt pleasingly warm and comfortable in my hand. 

 Now you can select your favorite handle version from bariety of handle (Linen Micarta Handle or Cocobolo Wood Handle or Olive Wood Handle or African Black Wood Handle or "Black Space Dupont Corian Handle" or "Snow in the Dark Dupont Corian Handle" and more !)

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