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Chinese Cleaver

Originating in China, the Chuka Bocho was perfected by Japanese craftsmen in the early Twentieth Century. Chinese Cleavers are easily recognizable, with their large rectangular blades and sturdy compact handles. Cleavers come in a variety of blade thicknesses and weights, with the thinner lighter blades being better suited to fine slicing, the thicker heavier blades being better suited to medium-duty butchery, such as splitting and breaking down poultry or splitting fish heads, and the medium blades being something of a compromise between the two extremes. Nevertheless, all of them are highly versatile general-purpose kitchen knives that can slice, chop, mince, scrape, and even crush ingredients.

The tall blade of the Chinese Cleaver provides allows you to safely guide the blade with the knuckles of your free hand when 'tap chopping’, ‘push cutting’, or ‘pull cutting’. It also enabling large fruit and vegetables, such as cabbages, to be cut easily and safely. Just as with the Japanese Nakiri, the heel corner of the Cleaver can be used to remove the eyes from potatoes, or blemishes from fruit and vegetables. If you love cooking Chinese food, you owe it to yourself to try a Chinese Cleaver!

Chinese Cleavers are generally available in blade lengths between 180 and 220 mm, with a typical blade height of around 100mm. Their weight varies from a relatively light 300g up to a massive 900g! cutting task. Its heavy & large blade is suitable for chopping chickens, mincing meats and vegetables, and even for scrapping.