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Master Futoshi Nagao has spent tremendous times to study each characteristic of steel chemicals. After trial and error in forging and heat treatment processes, he has succeeded in obtaining the utmost performance of the steel. This is the collection of high performance knives in sharpness and durability from his passion to make ultimate knives.

For several decades, Hiromoto Co., Ltd. has been producing professional quality Chef’s knives in Seki City, Gifu Prefecture, Japan. The company’s owner, director and Master blade smith is Mr. Nagao, who continues to employ and embody the ancient traditional techniques and spirit of the sword smiths, which have been faithfully passed down for some 780 years.

After many years of researching and working with Hitachi Yasugi Metallurgical Research Laboratory, Hiromoto Co., Ltd. created their “Tenmi-Jyuraku” series of professional-quality Chef’s knives. Tenmi-Jyuraku translates in to English as “Joy of cooking with taste of heart”, a perfect sentiment to describe these very durable, high performance knives.

Hiromoto Nagao Making Process

Just as it is important for a professional Chef to know how to bring out the best flavor and textures from their ingredients, it is similarly important for a professional blade smith to be able to bring out the best characteristics of their steel. Through extensive research and practical experience, Master Nagao has developed a deep understanding of the different steels that he works with. He has visited the Hitachi steel plant in Yasugi-City (Shimane-prefecture, Japan) many times and he has carefully studied the selection of fine steels that he uses to create his knives.
UPDATE: In 2015, at the age of 80 years old, Master Nagao unfortunately decided to retired due to his old age. Consequently, the entire range of Hiromoto knives has been discontinued.

We still have a limited quantity of Tenmi-Jyuraku Gingami No.3 knives, Honyaki White No.2 Steel knives and Tenmi-Jyuraku VG-10 Nickel Damascus knives in inventory.

This is your last chance to own and experience the great craftsmanship and superb cutting performance of Master Nagao’s knives!

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