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For Professionals

 For culinary professionals and Chefs, who need knives that will withstand many hours of constant use, we would like to recommend our range of top-ranking, high quality knives.

 Most professionals rate edge sharpness and edge retention as their main priorities when choosing a knife. Most professionals also understand that the way in which a knife is forged, ground, heat-treated and sharpened, can all affect the quality of a knife. Indeed, if these making processes are not carried out properly, the knife will probably suffer from reduced edge sharpness, edge retention or ease of re-sharpening.

 Every product that we sell is designed for professional use, however, here we would like to recommend to you a selection of knives that have consistently proven to have excellent cutting performance and high standards of quality. They are made by reliable craftsmen, who have all devoted their lives to making high quality knives with supreme sharpness.

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