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Boning Knife | Honesuki

Honesuki is specifically designed for de-boning and breaking down poultry, but many people have found the knife is also capable of filleting fish and red meat, or carrying out many of the tasks.

The Honesuki shares the triangular blade profile of the larger Garasuki, but it is both thinner and lighter, despite it still possessing a tough and durable edge. It should not, however, be used to split poultry or cut through their bones. For these tasks we recommend either the Western Deba or a heavy Chinese Cleaver. The ‘reverse tanto tip’ / ‘clip point’ design of the Honesuki increases tip strength whilst still allowing it to easily pierce skin, and to also make precise cuts in tight spaces such as joints. It is also narrow enough to be able to turn quickly when cutting around and along the bone. The knife is also capable of trimming connective tissue and fat, particularly when using the sharp and precise tip area.