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 From time to time, we release new products or get replacements for out of stock items. We will introduce these new items (Including knives and accessories) on this page, so that you will not miss your favorite items.


September 9th

“Just Arrived: Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan Aogami Super Series Knives

“Just Arrived: Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan ZDP-189 Series Knives

After the over 6 months of waiting, finally new batch of the Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan Premium Steel Aogami Super & ZDP-189 Series knives are just finished and available.

They are hammer Forged and Handcrafted by Sukenari and recommended for professionals and serious users who demands the best level of high cutting performance knives.


September 1st

“Just Arrived: Takeshi Saji Nature Series — Hammer Forged R-2 Clad Knives

When I first handled his new knives, I was immediately impressed by their overall quality. In particular, I felt the blade finish and sleek handle complimented each other exceptionally well and that this combination had a very natural appearance. I realized that Takeshi Saji’s new Custom knives had become a 'next stage' product and reached a new level of refinement.


“Just Arrived:Takeshi Saji VG-10 Multi-Colored Rainbow Damascus Series


Once again, Master Saji has just completed some fresh traditionally forged custom kitchen knives, which feature his unique multi-colored Damascus.  
The Copper layers of the Damascus have a delicate Pink color and the Brass layers have a Golden color. These natural, warm colors  compliment the beautiful Natural wood of the hand contoured Quince Burl Handle. We can really sense Takeshi Saji’s dedication and life-long passion for knives and knife making.


“Just Arrived: Sukenari ZDP-189 Nickel Damascus Series Knives with Octagon Shaped Bocote Wood Handle

ZDP-189 is a one of the new generation Powdered Metallurgy High-Speed Tool Steels and needless to say, knife enthusiasts have rated ZDP-189 as one of the very best steels for making premium cutlery.

Sukenari’s knowledge of traditional forging processes and vast experience with modern high performance steels has proved to be invaluable when working with these new high performance steels. These knives are coming with the beautiful and unique natural wood "Octagonal Shaped Bocote Wood Handle with Water buffalo horn ferrule" which are finely handcrafted by Japan's selected experienced Wa Handle Craftsman.


August 23rd

*Sukenari SG-II Hon Kasumi Yanagiba 

*Sukenari Super X Yanagiba

*Sukenari VG-10 Hon Kasumi Yanagiba

Next level, next generation special steel Yanagiba Knives with high cutting performance. An exciting new Special Steel Yanagiba from the highly experienced forge-smith Sukenari. Now Available with Natural Bocote Wood Handle version.


August 7th

“Just Arrived: Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan "Sea Clouds" Aogami Super Series 

 Vivid cladding layer line and, around the blade core, there appear to be beautiful clouds. Master Yamamoto decided to name this finishing style 雲海, or "Sea Clouds". We think this great name really captures the essence of these new Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan Aogami Super knives. At fist glance they have a simple appearance, but if you look closer, you will clearly sense the craftsman's passion for these knives.


“Just Arrived: SHIKI Custom Limited Edition Rainbow Damascus Chopper

 Mr. Masui just finished the Gorgeous Tsuchime Hammered Finished Multi-colored Rainbow Damascus Chopper 110 mm with variety of Custom Handmade handles.


July 31st

“Just Arrived: Kagayaki CarboNext Bunka/Kiritsuke ― Special Edition

During 2020, we have been working closely with Mr. Gotoh and his Craftsman Team. Today, we are excited to introduce and start selling our new CarboNext Bunka/Kiritsuke knife. 

Maintaining the same of high quality finishing and manufacturing standards established by our existing CarboNext line, our stylish new Bunka/Kiritsuke blade comes with a polished blade spine and tip, creating a nice visual accent and providing extra comfort when holding the knife in a pinch grip.


July 28th

“Just Arrived: Hattori  ― Custom Limited Edition Year 2020 !!

The Custom Limited Edition knife (Year 2020 Special Limited Edition) is from the great Master Hattori !

Master Hattori chose to use a very unique and beautiful Turquoise & Green Malachite GemStone Handle. Each Hattori Custom Limited Edition knife is "One-of-a-Kind" and comes with the Serial No. and available with very limited quantity !


July 28th

“Just Arrived: Takeshi Saji SUMIT ― Limited Edition Custom Series  !!!

In the year 2020, we have worked with closely with Master Saji to create a new range of top-tier knives that will include unique 'one-of-a-kind' knives and limited-edition custom knives, which will often feature special handles. Today, we are very excited to introduce the Saji SUMIT ― Limited Edition Custom Series!


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