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 From time to time, we release new products or get replacements for out of stock items. We will introduce these new items (Including knives and accessories) on this page, so that you will not miss your favorite items.

January 22nd

*SHIKI Custom Limited Edition Sakura-Rainbow Damascus Chopper 110 mm (Limited Quantity 30 Pcs)

*JCK Natures Blue Clouds VG-10 Tsuchime Damascus Petty & Santoku


December 5th

*Takeshi Saji SRS-13 ARC Series 

*Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan Aogami Super Custom Damascus Series 


Nov 19th

* Sukenari ZDP-189 Damascus, HAP-40 Custom Limited Edition Knives

* Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan ZDP-189 Custom Limited Edition Knives

* Mizuno Tanrenjo Honyaki Custom Limited Edition Knives


Nov 5th

JCK Natures 青雲 Blue Clouds Series


October 25th

Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan White Steel No.1 Series


October 21st

* Hattori Cowry X Petty & Santoku

*Mr. Itou R-2 Custom Damascus Knife New Collections

*Takeshi Saji Custom Limited Edition Kiritsuke 


September 27th

*Black Moon Wa Santoku & Nakiri Knives


September 25th

*SukenariFu-Rin-Ka-ZanMizuno Tanrenjo Custom Limited Edition Knives


July 26th

* Takeshi Saji "Urushi & Makie KYOTO Motif" Knife Collections


June 12th

* Hinoura, Mizuno Tanrenjo Custom Limited Edition Knives

* Takeshi Saji SRS-13 Stylish Micarta Handle Version 

* Koji Hara Custom Damascus Knife Collection

* SHIKI R-2 Damascus Knives 


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