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 From time to time, we release new products or get replacements for out of stock items. We will introduce these new items (Including knives and accessories) on this page, so that you will not miss your favorite items.


September 28th

“Just Arrived: Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan YUTAKA 豊佳 Limited Edition Series

The Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan YUTAKA 豊佳 Series: Special Limited Edition versions of our Limited Production Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan Traditional Forged Knives.

The YUTAKA 豊佳 Series harmoniously marries Traditional Handcrafted high-end knife blades with Contemporary, Stylish Wa Handle Designs. 


September 9th

“Just Arrived: Takeshi Saji SUMMIT ― Limited Edition Custom Series  !!!

We have worked with closely with Master Saji to create a new range of top-tier knives that will include unique 'one-of-a-kind' knives and limited-edition custom knives, which will feature special handles. Today Master Saji just finished unique and  variety of  R-2 Custom Damascus kitchen Knife collections !!


September 6th

“Just Arrived: Hattori 傘 SAN-GECKO Limited Edition GECKO Series SG-II San-Mai Gyuto 210mm (8.2 Inch)

 Master Hattori chose to use a wild, unique Camel Bone material for the handle. The Custom Handmade Handle has been carefully contoured and polished by hand for a comfortable grip and excellent overall knife balance. Each Camel Bone Handle has unique color and texture, only a limited quantity available. 

We hope you will enjoy selecting your favorite handle version and adding a Limited Edition GECKO-6 Gyuto 210mm knife to your Hattori knife collection.


August 8th

“New Batch, Just Arrived: Outstanding Cutting Performance White Steel No.2 Kurouchi Knives by Japanese Swordsmiths SHIROU-KUNIMITSU 四郎國光

For over 200 years, SHIROU-KUNIMITSU has passed down their Japanese sword smithing and traditional knife forging experience and history, from generation to generation. Today, 4 Genuine Japanese sword smiths are passionately handcrafting traditional forged knives with outstanding cutting performance and practicality. Note the tradition, craftsmanship, originality, and WABI-SABI (侘寂) styling. 


July 7th

“Just Arrived: Wide Variety of Mr. Itou R-2 Custom Damascus New Knives   !!!

The hottest and highly reputable Custom Kitchen Knife Makers, Mr. Itou,  just finished new batch of the R-2 Custom Damascus Knife Series (Including very limited "Treasure Hunter Collections") !!
As you know, Mr. Itou's knives have become very limited and with special prices, since his career as a knife maker is coming to end due to his advanced age.
However, he's still devoting 
and enjoying his custom knifemaking with the same passion and positive energy, as he used to when was younger! 


July 2nd

“Just Arrived: Takeshi Saji Nature Series — Hammer Forged R-2 Clad Knives

A number of forge smiths produce traditional hammer forged kitchen knives, but very few of them have the skill and precise control that is necessary to produce Western-style custom handle that are sturdy and have good blade balance. Takeshi Saji continues to make practical, fine, custom hand-made Western-style kitchen knives using traditional hammer forging techniques!



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