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 From time to time, we release new products or get replacements for out of stock items. We will introduce these new items (Including knives and accessories) on this page, so that you will not miss your favorite items.

April 5th

Just Arrived: Sukenari SG-II Honyaki ( “無垢鍛” Hammer Forged Mono Steel) Knives !!

Over the past 6 years, Sukenari has spent a great deal of time and energy researching, testing and making Honyaki SG-II single bevel edge knives. Sukenari’s hard work and experience with forging Stainless Steel Honyaki knives has only added to their existing extensive experience in Hammer Forging Carbon Steel Honyaki knives. Their expertise with this time-consuming process, which requires great concentration and very consistent, precise hammer blows, has now enabled them to produce some remarkable SG-II Honyaki blades.


April 1st

Just Arrived: Hinoura White Steel No.1 Kurouchi - Limited Series

The concept behind these collaborative knives that we have produced with Master Hinoura was simple: We both wanted to to produce superbly sharp, highly practical and aesthetically attractive high-carbon steel knives that would satisfy the needs and desires of knife enthusiasts who love high-carbon steel knives.


March 13th

Just Arrived: Takeshi Saji SUMMIT ― Limited Edition Custom Series  !!!

We have worked with closely with Master Saji to create a new range of top-tier knives that will include unique 'one-of-a-kind' knives and limited-edition custom knives, which will feature special handles.

Master Saji just finished unique and variety of  the Custom Limited Edition Summit  Series Knives.

* Diamond Damascus Knives - Made of R-2 Powdered High Speed Tool Steel

* Golden Rainbow Damascus Knives - Made of VG-10W Stainless Steel

January 18th

Just Arrived: Takeshi Saji R-2 Custom Damascus Chinese Cleaver Knives  !!!

After over 12 months of waiting time, finally Takeshi Saji Custom Damascus Chinese Cleaver are just finished and available now.

  This is the limited custom Damascus Chinese Cleaver that is something different and unique with the craftsman’s spirit.  


November 22nd 

“Just Arrived: Mr. Itou R-2 Custom Damascus Series  !!!

 Mr. Itou is fanatical about knife making and he loves to collect rare and unique materials from all over the world to use in his custom knife handles. Variety of Mr. Itou Unique and Distinctive Custom Damascus Knife Collections are now Available !! 

November 17th

Just Arrived: JCK Original Kagayaki Grand Canyon R-2 Damascus Series

This beauty is made possible by the craftsman’s uncountable hours of knife making experience and their deep knowledge of the traditional knife making process. This exceptional combination not only enhances the knife's visual appeal, it embodies a dedication to craftsmanship that goes beyond aesthetics. Such the Damascus blade and the colors of the Spalted Wood Handle reminded us of the awe-inspiring, Eternal “Grand Canyon”.  Explore the possibilities… Discover the distinctive and the Eternal 悠久

October 31st

Just Arrived: JCK Premium Limited Edition Custom Knife Collection Sukenari ZDP-189 & HAP-40 Premium Steel Knives

Sukenari’s knowledge of traditional forging processes and vast experience with modern high performance steels has proved to be invaluable when working with the premium Japanese steels ZDP-189 and HAP-40. 

September 4th

Just Arrived: JCK Premium Limited Edition Custom Knife Collection Sukenari ZDP-189 Clad & HAP-40 Clad Knives

Master Hanaki, Sukenari’s innovative and energetic knife maker and Master forge-smith, has successfully managed to extract the best cutting performance and edge retention from the premium Japanese steels HAP-40 and ZDP-189. 

September 4th

Just Arrived: Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan YUTAKA 豊佳 Series Aogami Super Custom Damascus Edition Knives

The Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan YUTAKA 豊佳 Series: Special Limited Edition versions of our Limited Production Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan Traditional Forged Knives.

The YUTAKA 豊佳 Series harmoniously marries Traditional Handcrafted high-end knife blades with Contemporary, Stylish Wa Handle Designs. 


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