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Sukenari ZDP-189 Premium Steel Series

“ZDP-189” is a one of the new generation of Powdered Metallurgy High-Speed Tool Steels and is produced by Hitachi Metals Ltd. Needless to say, knife enthusiasts have rated ZDP-189 as one of the very best steels for making premium cutlery. In fact, it has proved to be just as popular as Daido Steel Company’s “Cowry X” Powdered Metallurgy steel, which was used by Hattori to create their sublime “KD Series” Cowry X Damascus kitchen knives.

 Sukenari’s knowledge of traditional forging processes and vast experience with modern high performance steels have proved to be invaluable when working with these new high performance steels. Master Hanaki explained to us that, in his opinion, ZDP-189 is one of the most suitable steels for making knives and that he is both proud and confident to introduce the great cutting performance and supreme edge retention of his new ZDP-189 Damascus kitchen knives to their customers.

The ZDP-189 core blade steel (HRc. 65) is forge-welded with Stainless Damascus steel cladding, which is made with alternating layers of Nickel Steel and Stainless Steel. The blade is beautifully mirror polished and finished so that the white colour of Nickel Steel layers vividly contrast with the glossy silver color of the Stainless Steel layers. Consequently, these knives are elegant in both their style and their practicality.

 We are proud to introduce these new Sukenari traditionally-forged ZDP-189 Nickel Damascus knives; They are true masterpieces that demonstrate Master Hanaki’s mastery of both traditional techniques and new materials.

Over 80 years of experience in knife making and knowledge of ancient forging techniques have enabled Sukenari to create fine masterpieces with Japan's Premium Steel ZDP-189.

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