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The most well-known and the oldest (over 150 year’s history) knife maker of traditional Japanese style knives. The “MASAMOTO” brand is a mark of excellence in quality and performance, and a choice of professional and celebrity chefs.

With over 150 years of knife-making history and craftsmanship, Masamoto-Sohonten Ltd. Is the No.1 maker of Sushi Chef knives in Japan. Even if you are not a professional Sushi Chef, surely you must have heard the name Masamoto at least once!

Records indicate that Minosuke Matsuzawa (1st generation), the founder of Masamoto, was born in the year 1845. In his youth, he frequently visited all of knife making places in search for new knife making techniques and he devoted all his life (47 years) to studying and making kitchen knives. He often told people that “Because I decided to dedicate my life to making kitchen knives, I want to make the best knives possible so that Masamoto name is remembered throughout the ages.”.

For five generations, Minosuke’s passion and spirit have been kept alive by Masamoto’s craftsmen and now his dream has come true; Masamoto is now the premier brand for professional-quality Japanese kitchen knives. The current president of Masamoto, Masahiro Hirano, who is a direct descendant of Minosuke, says, “I believe our tradition and the passion of our craftsmen live in each knives we produce, and that through the hands of the people who use them, it will reach the hearts of the people who enjoy the dishes that they make.”

We are very pleased to be able to offer you kitchen knives made by the legendary Masamoto!


Advance Notice about Price Increases about Masamoto Knives
On October 1st, 2023, Masamoto increased all of the Masamoto Products prices due to the fact that material costs and production costs have significantly increased, not only in Japan, but all over the world.
All of our knife makers and suppliers have been facing these same difficult economic conditions. Under these circumstances, we at JCK has been trying our best to keep the previous sale prices, including Masamoto product prices, but we expect many of our prices will require to be increased in the year 2024 (Including Masamoto, JCK Original Kagayaki, JCK Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan, JCK Natures, Misono, Takeshi Saji and many other brands).
We apologize in advance for these unwelcome, but necessary, price changes and we very much appreciate your understanding regarding this matter. If you were considering buying a knife soon, we encourage you to make your purchase during our holiday special discount sale. We hope you will enjoy your fine Japanese knives and that they continue to enrich your cooking life.