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 We first opened our “JapaneseChefsKnife.Com” online store in 2003. Since then, we have had the chance to introduce and sell many different rare and special knives produced by leading Japanese craftsmen.

 From time to time, we use this webpage to introduce and offer some very rare and special knives, which are truly one-of-a-kind. We would like to expand this collection of genuinely special knives over time, and we hope you will enjoy browsing and finding your own special knife, which will become your trusty cooking companion.

Once again, all of our knives are meticulously designed and handcrafted by passionate knife makers and craftsmen. For our Special Knife Collection, we focus on curating a selection of knives with limited availability, crafted from distinctive, special steels and materials. These especially unique, limited-edition knives can serve as collectibles and memorable additions to your culinary and life experiences. They also make wonderful, thoughtful gifts for those special people in your life.

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