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Mioroshi Deba

When compared to a similarly-sized Hon-deba, the blade of the Mioroshi Deba is narrower, thinner, and has a more acute tip. Mioroshi Deba is perfectly suited to filleting and portioning fish, but it can also slice fish quite well. Some people consider the Mioroshi Deba to be a combination of a Hon-deba and Yanagiba.

However, because it is thinner and more brittle than the Hon Deba it takes considerable expertise to perform the same tasks without damaging the blade. Similarly, because the blade of the Mioroshi Deba is shorter, wider, and thicker than that of the Yanagiba it is somewhat less ideal for finely slicing fish. Despite these apparent weaknesses, the Mioroshi Deba is particularly popular with professional Japanese food chefs because, when used with sufficient skill, it can perform the majority of tasks normally done with the more specialized Yanagiba and Hon Deba.

The Mioroshi Deba is available in blade lengths between 165mm to 330mm, with the 210mm and 240mm sizes being most commonly recommended.