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Sukenari Honyaki Series

 The Japanese Traditional Forge Smith and Knife Maker “Sukenari” has over 80 years of forging and knife making experience. As we have said in the past, Sukenari has built an excellent brand name and reputation due to their business style, passion and proactive spirit.

 For many years, Sukenari has produced knives with great cutting performance and practicality for professional users, who depend on their knives for their daily work and their living. In Japan, Sukeanri has a direct relationship with many professional chefs, who buy and use their knives. The requests and feedback from these professionals has always been high level; They notice small details and differences and they have high standards, especially with respect to cutting performance and quality.

 Sukenari has always done their best to meet the needs of these professional knife users and always uses their feedback to focus and further improve their experience, knowledge, skills and products.

 For Sukenari and professional chefs, Sharpness and Cutting Performance is always the top priority. Over the past few decades, Sukenari has also noted that ease of maintenance, particularly rust resistance, has become very important to many professional users.

 Sukenari has become famous for their Honyaki knives, particularly the legendary Sukenari Honyaki White Steel No.1 Series knives, which are prized by serious knife users and collectors. Unfortunately, Carbon Steel Honyaki Knives can be hard to take care of and they can easily rust or discolor, which spoils their original, beautiful appearance. Accordingly, we usually only recommend Honyaki Carbon Steel knives to experienced or careful, serious knife users.

 3rd generation smith Master Hanaki, the President of Sukenari, is constantly researching and testing whether knives made from other steel alloys can offer the same level of cutting performance as their famous Honyaki White Steel No.1 Series knives. For over 30 years, Sukenari has been making traditional single bevel edge knives with other special Japanese steels, including Super X and ZDP-4.

 In order to satisfy the needs and demands of their professional customers, Sukenari continues to challenge themselves to obtain the best possible cutting performance and practical Honyaki (Mono-Steel blade, traditional hammer forged) knives from Japan's distinctive and premium.

 We hope you can feel Sukenari’s passion and can appreciate what a great achievement these Sukenari Honyaki Knives are. We love Sukenari’s spirit, passion and desire to challenge themselves, they continue to innovate and create ‘next-level’ traditional forged knives.