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Sukenari Gingami No.3 Series

With the over 80 years of knife making history and specialized technical experience, Sukenari is very enthusiastic about producing knives which take advantage of the new generation of stainless cutlery steels and high performance tool steels.

As you know, many Japanese knives are made from Carbon Steel. However, there are now many different stainless cutlery steels and high performance stainless tool steels available for knife making; and the number of professional Chefs and home cooks that prefer the rust-resistance and ease of maintenance offered by stainless steel kitchen knives is growing every year. To meet these demands, Sukenari decided to produce a range of high-grade stainless steel kitchen knives with Hitachi Gingami No.3 Japanese stainless steel.

Hitachi’s Gingami No.3 is just as popular and reliable as VG-10 stainless steel, which is made by Takefu Special Steel Co, Ltd. Our customers often ask us which steel is better; Gingami No.3 or VG-10?

Truthfully, this is a difficult question to answer, however, what we can say for certain is that both of them are great stainless cutlery steels, which each have good features. Here is a summary of what we have personally learned about Gingami No.3, after several years of observation and testing:

• Gingami No.3 is often selected for making high-grade stainless steel Japanese Traditional-style knives.
• Gingami No.3 knives have good corrosion-resistance, yet their edge sharpness and edge retention is comparable to high carbon steel blades.
• Compared to VG-10 stainless steel, blades made with Gingami No.3 generally have better strength and are easier to of re-sharpen.
• At present, many young professional Japanese food Chefs prefer to use Japanese traditional-style knives made with Gingami No.3.

Utilizing their knowledge of ancient traditional forging techniques and hand-performed knife making processes, Sukenari produces a variety of high-quality Gingami No.3 stainless steel knives that all have fine cutting performance. This large selection includes a range of affordable Gingami No.3 knives that have a soft stainless steel cladding; a range of professional-quality Gingami No.3 Hon Kasumi Sushi Chef knives; and, beautiful Nickel Damascus stainless steel knives that have a cutting edge of Gingami No.3 steel.

Gingami No.3 Nickel Damascus
Gingami No.3 Hon Kasumi
Gingami No.3 Clad