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Sukenari VG-10 Series

Sukenari is always attentive to the needs of their end-users and is very keen to accommodate them, whenever it is possible. Recently, Sukenari have noticed that the younger generation of Chefs often prefer to use stainless steel knives rather than carbon steel knives because they desire knives that have not only high cutting performance, but also a corrosion-resistant blade that requires very little maintenance. Consequently, to meet the requirements of their customers, Sukenari have developed a wide range of knives that use high-quality Japanese stainless cutlery steels.

For this particular range of knives, Sukenari selected VG-10 stainless steel as the core blade steel because, in addition to being very corrosion-resistant, this high performance cutlery steel offers edge sharpness and edge retention comparable to high carbon steel knives. VG-10 is currently one of the most popular and most dependable high-quality Japanese stainless cutlery steels on the market. It contains high proportions of Chromium (15.0%) and Carbon (1.0%), but also includes Molybdenum (1.0%), Vanadium (0.2%) and Cobalt (1.5%) for improved durability and edge retention.

There are already many VG-10 stainless steel kitchen knives available on the market, but Sukenari’s knives are special because they are produced using traditional forging techniques and professional sharpening techniques that Sukenari have developed and perfected during their eighty-year long history of hand-crafting Japanese traditional-style knives. In fact, Sukenari’s highly skilled and experienced forge-smiths use the same time-consuming manual production processes and traditional forging techniques to create these professional-quality VG-10 knives, as they use to create their highly regarded Japanese traditional-style single bevel knives that is made from high carbon steel and soft iron.

Each one of these high-grade Japanese traditional-style knives is beautifully hand sharpened using a complex hand sharpening process that uses water-cooled grinding wheels. This is one of the most important making processes, as it allows Sukenari to make knives that possess excellent blade geometry and cutting performance.

Sukenari’s professional-quality VG-10 Hon Kasumi Sushi Chef Knives and beautiful VG-10 Nickel Damascus Knives are now available for ordering!