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Kanetsugu Pro M Series

One of the secrets behind the legendary cutting performance of Japanese swords is their convex “Hamaguri-ba” blade profile. Kanetsugu’s Pro M series use a similar convex profile to bring this extraordinary cutting performance to kitchen knives. Their blades are made from AUS-8, a corrosion-resistant, high carbon Molybdenum stainless steel. It is sub-zero quenched and refrigerated at -70°C during the heat-treatment process to provide good edge retention and exceptional edge sharpness, strength and toughness. Users who sharpen their own knives will also be please to know that they are also quick and easy to re-sharpen.

 Since introducing the Kanetsugu Pro M series to our customers, we have received many positive comments about their uniquely shaped black pakkawood handles, which they report are very practical, secure, comfortable and well balanced.

 While you might not be familiar with its unique handle shape and the convex “Hamaguri-ba” blade profile, we urge you to try these fantastic knives. Mr. Kawamura (President of Kanetsugu) has spent a lot of time researching and developing these Chef’s knives to ensure the very best performance. We all admire his talent, inventiveness and experienced use of both traditional and modern knife making techniques.

 Pro M knives are recommended for first-time users of Japanese knives and home Chefs or professional Chefs who need a knife that has outstanding cutting performance, supreme sharpness, toughness, strength, strong corrosion-resistance and is easy to sharpen.