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Kanetsugu Hybrid Wa Bocho Series

Many people know about the great cutting performance of the single bevel edge Japanese traditional-style knives that are called “Wa-Bocho”. Their great sharpness is very useful for fine slicing and detailed cutting tasks, such as preparing fresh Sashimi and Sushi - Foods that have been gaining popularity throughout the world in recent years.

For many years, we have been introducing and selling Wa-Bocho made by some of Japan’s top brands, such as Masamoto, Mizuno Tanrenjo, Sukenari and Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan (putting the link to those brand page). We recommend their knives to professional users with confidence due to their consistently high quality and because they are made with ancient Japanese sword-making methods, traditions and spirit.

Most Japanese traditional-style knives are made of high carbon steel and therefore require a lot of care and maintenance. Consequently, we have been searching for reasonably priced, low maintenance, stainless steel Wa-Bocho to meet the needs of first-time users and beginners. We think that Kanetsugu’s new Hyrbrid Wa-Bocho line perfectly meets those demands.

Kanetsugu’s Hyrbrid Wa-Bocho still use a traditional-style single bevel edge and have a shallow concave depression (Ura-suki) in their back side, however, their blade is made from solid high carbon Molybdenum Vanadium stainless steel blade (HRc. 57) and is hand-sharpened to ensure excellent cutting performance.

Just as in the past, most of the Japanese traditional-style knives on the market have a handle made of magnolia wood and a water buffalo horn ferrule / collar. Mr. Kawamura carried out research and testing to determine if different handle materials and construction methods would offer any advantage over the traditional ones. The new handle that he developed uses heat-resistant ABS plastic to secure the long hidden tang of the knife inside a anodized aluminium handle. The plastic also extends to form the butt of the handle and the bolster / ferrule, which prevents water, food, or bacteria from getting inside the handle. Therefore, it is not only very sanitary but prevents the tang from corroding. The unique heptagonal (seven-sided) handle is comfortable in your hand, feeling something like a cross between a traditional ‘D-shaped’ handle and an octagonal handle. When you hold this knife and look at it, you will notice this its texture and character are very different to a traditional knife.

For those people who are just starting to learn about Japanese cuisine and are looking to buy their first Japanese traditional-style knife, or for those users seeking a knife with the advantages of modern materials and design, we recommend these innovative and practical knives.

These sensational, modern and practical Kanetsugu Hyrbrid Wa-Bocho knives are now available in a total of 7 different kinds and sizes!