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Kanetsugu Saiun Series

 We believe that Mr. Kawamura (President of Kanetsugu) is one of the most talented and experienced craftsmen here in Seki City, the Japanese capital of knife making. We deeply respect his passion and dedication to learning how his knives can bring joy to your cooking.

 We are proud to introduce Kanetsugu’s Saiun Damascus series to you, a new range of innovative and high-grade knives that Mr. Kawamura designed especially to meet the demands of the oversea market.

 The cutting edge of their blades is made from the very popular VG-10 cobalt stainless steel, which is clad with a forge-layered stainless steel Damascus (Total of 33 layers; HRc. 60- 61). The elegant and beautiful wood-grain pattern of the Damascus is accentuated by the pattern of the round Black Linen Micarta (Resin impregnated wood, linen, paper composite) handle, which has been ergonomically designed to ensure that it fits the hand well. The Micarta is specially from Spain and is shrink-proof, very durable and water-resistant. A slightly slanted angle Stainless steel bolster makes durability and blade balance. Together with the eye catching red fiber spacer, this gives that knife a very sleek and modern appearance.

 Of course, Mr. Kawamura did not forget to include their famous convex Hamaguri-ba blade profile, which is the secret to the outstanding cutting performance of Kanetsugu’s knives.

 To satisfy the requirements of both professionals and serious home chefs, Mr. Kawamura has carefully selected 7 different essential knife types for production. We hope that you will enjoy the outstanding cutting performance, beauty and practicality of these very reliable, high quality Saiun Damascus kitchen knives.