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Kanetsugu Pro J Series

 After many years of research and development in to creating kitchen knives with ultimate performance and practicality, Mr. Kawamura (President of Kanetsugu) has finally achieved this goal with his innovative new series of Pro J knives.

 Mr. Kawamura has chosen a special high-grade cobalt stainless steel called ZA-18 from Aichi Steel Corporation for the cutting edge of the blade. It was developed to outperform and compete with the very popular VG-10 and has a similar chemical composition, but includes more Carbon (1.20% vs. 1.05%), Chromium (18.0% vs. 15.5%), Molybdenum (1.50% vs. 1.20%) and Cobalt (1.80% vs. 1.5%). This results in slightly better corrosion-resistance and durability than VG-10 and also enables it to be heat-treated to a higher Rockwell hardness or, alternatively, heated to a similar Rockwell hardness but be less brittle and prone to chipping. Mr. Kawamura thoroughly tested this steel before he decided to use for the Pro J Series and was impressed by its incredible cutting performance and potential. The Pro J series are the first kitchen knives to use this new ZA-18 steel, so we are excited to introduce them to our customers.

 The ZA-18 cutting edge is sandwiched between two layers AUS-2 stainless steel to further increase the toughness and shock resistance of the blade. It is sub-zero quenched and refrigerated at -70°C during the heat-treatment process to maximize strength, edge sharpness and edge retention (HRc. 60-61). The blade has unique Tsuchime “Hammered pattern” texture. The random size and shape of the dimples not only looks attractive, but also helps to prevent food from sticking to the blade whilst cutting. The blade features Kanetsugu’s famous Hamaguri-ba convex blade profile which, together with the finely ground edge, provides excellent cutting performance and edge sharpness.

 The knife uses a full tang construction and has a fully contoured ‘slab’ handle made of black pakkawood (Resin impregnated wood composite), which has been ergonomically designed to ensure that it fits the hand well. A slanted angle stainless steel bolster makes blade balance and extra durability. Together with the eye catching red fiber spacer, this gives that knife a very sleek and modern appearance.

 Mr. Kawamura has great confidence in the sharpness and cutting performance of his new ZA-18 cobalt stainless steel Pro J knives. We think these innovative knives provide a totally new and different cutting experience that will unquestionably impress our customers.