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Takeshi Saji VG-10 Custom Damascus Wild Series

“Wild” and “dynamic” are the words that best describe these custom Damascus kitchen knives that are expertly made by Master Saji.

The blade of these knives is made with a VG-10 core forged Nickel Damascus Stainless steel (HRc. 60-62) and they feature a traditional Japanese Hamaguri-Ba (Convex) blade grind that provides remarkable cutting performance.

The layers of white-colored Nickel steel in these Damascus blades contrasts strongly with the stainless steel layers to produce a powerful wavy Damascus pattern that truly sparkles. To further accentuate the wild appearance of the Damascus, Master Saji decided to use natural Stag Bone to produce some very tasteful handle scales and a pinned brass bolster, which will age beautifully.

Master Saji’s traditional hammer forging techniques and his considerable experience in the production of custom-designed outdoor knives have enabled him to produce these outstanding kitchen knives, which share many of the characteristics of his highly original, custom-designed, outdoor knives.

These unique and distinctive “Saji custom kitchen knives are now available in a total of 10 different blade types.