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Takeshi Saji Urushi&Makie Series

This series of knives is available indifferent models, ranging from the small Petty to the large Gyuto. The Saya for each knife has a unique ‘one-of-a-kind” design that is beautifully executed in Maki-e (Literally, “Sprinkled picture” because the technique uses metal powders to form pictures or motifs) and black Urushi lacquer by the noted Urushi and Maki-e craftsman Koichiro Tsukada, who lives in Sabae-city, Fukui Prefecture.

Master Saji had the idea of using a unique and Japanese Taste theme for these Urushi and Maki-e decorated knives. Master Tsukada used all of his experience and technical knowledge to capture the beauty and drama of fireworks and now you can enjoy the spectacular combination of beautiful Japanese summer fireworks and Master Saji’s gorgeous custom Damascus knives at the same time!

Urushi lacquer, which is often called “Japanese lacquer”, is a type of resin that is harvested from the ‘Lacquer Tree’ (Toxicodendron vernicifluum) and refined to produce a natural varnish which polymerizes in the presence of moisture. A variety of natural pigments and compounds can be added to the clear Urushi lacquer to create colored lacquers, with red and black lacquer being particularly popular. Producing Japanese lacquerware is a very time consuming process because it requires the repeated application of thin layers of Urushi to build up a durable coating with a glossy finish. The Maki-e decorative designs are created by carefully sprinkling metal powders (Platinum, gold, silver, copper, lead, aluminum, brass, pewter, electrum, rose gold etc.) using a variety of specialist tools and brushes. Typically, it requires about 30 different processes to complete traditional Japanese Maki-e art works.

In order to match the decorative Maki-e artwork, Master forge-smith Takeshi Saji creates Unique Custom Damascus steel blades. Each blade has a traditional Hamaguri-ba (convex) grind and  is fitted with a black, Urushi lacquered handle.

In addition to the decorative Urushi / Maki-e Saya (Sheath), each knife also comes with a traditional Nishijin-ori woven cloth pouch and braided tassel (Nishijin-ori textiles use a traditional Japanese weaving technique that was invented by weavers who settled in the Nishijin district of Kamigyō-ku ward in the city of Kyoto).

Each time you use these knives, you will enjoy their traditional Japanese artistry and feel their Japanese spirit. When not in use, they can be proudly displayed as a treasured work of art.

Please Note: These knives are available in very limited quantities, so please order while stocks last!