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Takeshi Saji Gingami No.3 Wa Bocho Series

These unusual Japanese traditional-style knives, which bring the aesthetics of outdoor knives in to the kitchen, are produced by the ever-inventive Master Saji! We were all surprised to see his new adventurous concept for these highly original Japanese traditional-style knives.

At the first glance, you might think that the unfamiliar features of these Japanese traditional-style knives will mean that they are not suitable for use in your kitchen. However, Master Saji has made no compromises in the cutting performance or functionality of these unconventional looking knives.

The blade is made of Hitachi Gingami No.3 stainless steel, which is highly regarded for its edge sharpness and edge retention, in addition to its strong resistance to corrosion and low maintenance requirements.

To ensure that the stag antler handles are comfortable and secure to grip, Master Saji carefully selected the material for each handle and checked the consistency of its diameter and overall shape.

To provide an alternative for people that do not like to use animal products, Master Saji worked with Mr. Masatake, a Japanese bamboo craftsman from the Kyushu region of Japan, to create a series of Japanese traditional-style knives that have bamboo handles. The result was a unique "Bamboo Handle Wa-Bocho", which has a very authentic Japanese flavor. Each handle is made from a carefully selected bamboo root that is fitted with a wooden ‘bolster’ and wooden end cap / handle butt. It is then hand polished, lacquered and secured to the blade with a Nickel silver pin.

To suit a variety of cutting tasks, these unique Japanese traditional-style knives are available in a total of 8 different blade types, a variety of blade sizes and in a choice of two unique handle styles.

Please Note: These knives are available in limited quantities, so please order while stocks last!