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Takeshi Saji SRS-13 Hammer Forged, Custom Handmade Handle Series

Experienced Forge-Smith Takeshi Saji, creates a variety of fine masterpieces and fine custom knives.

Takeshi Saji is always seeking new possibilities that will make each of his knives unique and outstanding.

This time, Takeshi Saji chosen to work with SRS-13, a high quality Powdered High Speed Tool Steel produced by Sanyo Steel Company. Master Saji has great confidence in the supreme cutting performance, edge retention and corrosion resistance offered by SRS-13 because it has a fine microstructure and a very rich Chemical Composition, including a high percentage of Carbon, similar to that of Japan’s Premium Aogami Super Hagane (Blade steel).

With a beautiful mirror polish and unique 網細工 “MESH" design Tsuchime texture, Master Saji’s newly developed SRS-13 Custom Knives have an appearance unlike any of his other knives.

The attractive shiny SRS-13 blade core of these knives contrasts strongly against the textured, soft stainless steel outer cladding layers. The hand-contoured Custom Handmade Handle provides a secure grip and extra durability. Unlike the bland machine-produced handles of regular Western-style knives,  when we grip the handles of Takeshi Saji’s knives, we can feel the warmth of the craftsman’s vision for his entire handle making process - They are truly something special to own, hold and use. The custom handcrafted handles perfectly match his handcrafted, Traditional hammer forged blades, which have much more ‘soul”. Master Saji’s knives are also fitted with a polished stainless steel bolster for improved handle durability and blade balance. So, taken as a complete package, these knives are not only visually striking, they are also highly practical and easy to care for.

How is Takeshi Saji able to make such great custom handmade handles ?

As you may know, Takeshi Saji has produced a wide variety of knives during his long career, including a large collection of Custom Hammer Forged Traditional Outdoor Knives. So, just as he spent many years perfecting his hammer forging techniques, he has also invested a lot of time and energy in to perfecting his techniques for handcrafting custom knife handles. Among the other Japanese knife makers, this experience and knowledge has made Takeshi Saji and his knives particularly distinctive and noteworthy.

His own path, ideas and spirit have created the current Takeshi Custom Kitchen Knife Collection.