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Mizuno Tanrenjo Akitada Hontanren Series

The Akitada Hontanren Series is made with Ao-ko #2 (Blue Steel No.2; HRc. 62-63) and is the best-selling range of knives among Mizuno Tanrenjo large selections.

Just like Mizuno Tanrenjo’s Hon Kasumi Series, their Akitada Hontanren Series require more hand-crafting steps and more skill to produce than ‘plain’ Kasumi knives. However, to ensure that no compromises are made, the Akitada Hontanren Series receives even more attention from Mizuno’s highly experienced artisans during each stage of production. Each knife is forged, sharpened and polished (Hon Kasumi finished) using traditional methods and Mizuno Tanrenjo’s passion for fine craftsmanship ensures that these knives have outstanding sharpness and cutting performance.

When you experience Mizuno Tanrenjo’s knives, it is clear to see why they continue to use the traditional Japanese forging and knife making methods; The astonishing sharpness, cutting performance and practicality of their knives speaks volumes.

Akitada Hontanren Series knives are available in a wide variety of blade types and sizes.