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Mizuno Tanrenjo

Mizuno Tanrenjo Akitada Hontanren Series Blue Steel No.2 Clad Wa Gyuto with Shinogi (210mm to 300mm, 4 sizes)

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Mizuno Tanrenjo Akitada Hontanren Series Knife is made with Ao-ko #2 (Blue Steel No.2; HRc. 62-63) and is the best-selling range of knives among Mizuno large selections.

Hontanren Series knife is forged, sharpened and polished (Hon Kasumi finished) using traditional methods and Mizuno Tanrenjo’s passion for fine craftsmanship ensures that these knives have outstanding sharpness and cutting performance.

This knife is fitted with a traditional Japanese ‘D-shaped’ magnolia wood handle with a water buffalo horn ferrule / collar and also includes a matching magnolia wood Saya (Sheath) for safekeeping.

The Gyuto is the Japanese version of the classic Western Chef’s knife. It can be used with a variety of different cutting techniques to achieve a wide range of kitchen tasks and is suitable for cutting the vast majority of meats, fish, vegetables and fruits. The Gyuto is true multi-purpose knife.

Notice about White and Marbled Water Buffalo Horn Ferrules for Mizuno Tanrenjo Knives
Unfortunately, Mizuno Tanrenjo and most other knife makers are now struggling to find the raw materials to make White or Marbled Water Buffalo Horn Ferrules for their knife handles. 
Due to these difficult and unfortunate circumstances, we regret to inform our customers that Mizuno Tanrenjo is no longer able to accept requests for a specific color of Water Buffalo Horn Ferrule. However, we firmly believe in the high quality and craftsmanship of Mizuno Tanrenjo’s traditionally-forged Japanese knives - They are one of the most well-respected producers of traditionally-forged Japanese knives - and we highly recommend them!
Thank you very much for your understanding and attention.

    Knife Model: Mizuno Tanrenjo Akitada Hontanren Series Wa Gyuto with Shinogi

    Blade Material:  Blue Steel No.2

    Rockwell Hardness (HRc): 62 to 63

    Blade Grind and Edge Shape: Double Bevel Edge 50/50

    Handle Material: D Shaped Magnolia Wooden Handle with Water Buffalo Horn Ferrule

    Saya Included: Yes. 


    Wa Gyuto 210mm (8.2")
    Total Length: 345mm
    BladeThickness: 3mm
    Total Weight: 160g
    Wa Gyuto 240mm (9.4")
    Total Length: 390mm BladeThickness: 3.1mm
    Total Weight: 180g 
    Wa Gyuto 270mm (10.6")
    Total Length: 420mm BladeThickness: 3.1mm
    Total Weight: 205g
    Wa Gyuto 300mm (11.8")
    Cutting edge length: 285mm
    Total Length: 455mm
    Blade Thickness: 4.5mm
    Blade Width: 53mm
    Total Weight: 264g



    This knife comes with 50/50 double bevel edge geometry for both right and left handed use.

    This knife comes with D Shaped Magnolia Wooden Handle. (Normally designed for right hand use). For the left handed version, we work with the maker for adjusting the handle location suitable for left hand use.

    We believe the quality and cutting performance of Japanese knives are the best in the world, and hope you enjoy fine craftsmanship and sharp edge with your new knife. With proper cares, every Japanese knife should be your special cooking partner for long times.



    This is the Carbon steel blade kitchen knife that can get rust and discolor easily, and requires extra care and attention to prevent rust.

    • Please do not put the knife in the dishwasher machine for cleaning.
    • Please do not leave the knife in water or wet condition for long time.
    • After using, please hand wash the blade, bolster and handle thoroughly, and wipe it clean and dry with soft clothes. Please apply Tsubaki oil on the blade and keep it in dry place.
    • This is an extremely sharp knife. Please use special cares in using and storing it.
    • Unlike German made knives, Japanese knife blades are ground to thin cutting edge for sharper cutting and easier re-sharpening. Please protect the edge from hitting hard materials to avoid chipping or cracking.
    • Please do not use it to cut bone or frozen foods, any hard shell foods such as lobster and crab.
    • We recommend using Japanese whetstones to re-sharpen the knife, when it gets dull.
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      Denis S.
      Switzerland Switzerland

      Such a great Gyuto

      After purchasing the blue 1 KS version, I couldn't resist to get the Mizuno Tanrenjo Akitada Honranren series, but this time with Shinogi. Man, it's fantastic. Great blade shape and geometry and sharp out of the box. Highly recommended!

      JapaneseChefsKnife.Com Mizuno Tanrenjo Akitada Hontanren Series Blue Steel No.2 Clad Wa Gyuto with Shinogi (210mm to 300mm, 4 sizes) Review
      brandon s.
      United States United States
      I recommend this product

      Great knife.

      Knife lives up beyond my expectations. Not a laser but maybe a refined workhorse. You won’t be disappointed

      JapaneseChefsKnife.Com Mizuno Tanrenjo Akitada Hontanren Series Blue Steel No.2 Clad Wa Gyuto with Shinogi (210mm to 300mm, 4 sizes) Review
      Rickard I.
      Sweden Sweden
      I recommend this product

      300 mm gyuto

      As a chef I wanted a longer workhorse knife for large vegetables and large amounts of mire poix/soffrito. I asked for the longest 300 mm gyuto that Mizuno had as well as the highest heel height. I have the Mizuno Blue nr 1 gyuto in 270 mm. That is plenty of length for most but the actual edge is closer to 260. A bit of a steeper edge and more bite thanks to a rougher stone improved the 270 for my needs. I live in a Nordic country and cut a lot of root veggies and cabbage. They both can wedge a bit with larger, harder root veggies but sometimes I want the extra durability of more thickness behind the edge. For softer vegetables and fruits, fish and meat they are fine as they are. The 240 version of Mizuno's gyuto (unlike the KS model) have a lot of belly and very little flat spot which doesn't suit me. The 270 and 300 do have the longer flat spot and that is why I have these. The magnolia handles are great and give them a nice blade forward balance.

      JapaneseChefsKnife.Com Mizuno Tanrenjo Akitada Hontanren Series Blue Steel No.2 Clad Wa Gyuto with Shinogi (210mm to 300mm, 4 sizes) Review
      Aleksandr N.
      United States United States
      I recommend this product

      A workhorse heirloom-quality chef knife

      This is a great blue#2 gyuto. Mizunos are a bit shorter than some 240mm gyutos, which makes for a more nimble but still fully capable blade. It it not laser-thin, still substantial, but yet mange’s to fly through food better than many of my other knives. The knife comes in with a fairly sharp spine, which is typical for high end Japanese knives where they give you an ability to customize it. 3 minutes of fine-grit sandpaper polished the spine and brought it to exactly what I like. The geometry is also very nice, with good distal taper and almost symmetrical shape that supports good rocking cut as well as push cut and fine tip work. I upgraded to the ebony octagon handle, which makes for an even classier knife.

      Kenneth S.
      United States United States
      I recommend this product


      Amazing knife. Super sharp And best of all amazing customer service!

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