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Masamoto VG Series

The Masamoto VG Series is a best-selling range of Western-style kitchen knives. They have blades made from Masamoto’s high carbon stainless steel "Hyper Molybdenum Vanadium stainless steel” (HRc. 58-59), which is corrosion-resistant and has very good sharpness and edge retention. Their thin blade geometry provides superb cutting performance and they are supplied fully sharpened, so they can be used straight from the box.

The knives feature full tang construction, stainless steel bolsters, and have fully contoured black-colored handle scales made from Duracon ®; a durable thermoplastic resin that is anti-bacterial.

High quality standards, superb cutting performance, ease of re-sharpening, corrosion resistance and hygienic, durable materials; it is clear that Masamoto has thoughtfully included all of the features that are commonly requested by culinary professionals and serious knife users. We believe that they will prove to be very popular with our customers.

There are now 11 different types and sizes of Masamoto VG Series, fine stainless steel knives, available.