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Masamoto KA Series

The KA Series is Masamoto’s range of high-grade Ao-ko #2 (Blue Steel No.2 ) Hon Kasumi Japanese traditional-style knives. When compared with the Kasumi knife-making process, the production of Hon Kasumi knives requires several extra steps be carried out during the forging, quenching, sharpening and finishing stages of production and requires a higher level of craftsmanship. Unlike the KK Series, the KA Series is completely hand sharpened, polished and finished by especially skilled and experienced craftsmen, which results in extra edge sharpness and a more refined level of finish.

The knives use a blade core of Hitachi Blue Steel No.2 (HRc. 62-63), which is forge-welded with soft iron. Blue Steel No.2 is made by adding Chromium (0.2-0.5 %) and Tungsten / Wolfram (1.0-1.5 %) to a base of White steel No.2. This results in steel that has comparable edge sharpness to White steel No.2, but improved strength, toughness and edge retention, so it is a good choice for users who need a sharp knife throughout their working day. However, it can take a little longer to sharpen than White Steel No.2 blade.

Each knife is fitted with a traditional Japanese ‘D-shaped’ magnolia wood handle with a water buffalo horn ferrule / collar and also includes a matching magnolia wood Saya (Sheath) for safekeeping.

For users who prioritize edge retention and toughness, the KA Series provides a useful alternative to the KS Series. Just like the KS Series, these professional-grade knives offer great value for money and we thoroughly recommend them to culinary professionals, knife collectors, or anyone that is serious about making traditional Japanese cuisine.

Advance Notice about Price Increases about Masamoto Knives
On October 1st, 2023, Masamoto increased all of the Masamoto Products prices due to the fact that material costs and production costs have significantly increased, not only in Japan, but all over the world.
All of our knife makers and suppliers have been facing these same difficult economic conditions. Under these circumstances, we at JCK has been trying our best to keep the previous sale prices, including Masamoto product prices, but we expect many of our prices will require to be increased in the year 2024 (Including Masamoto, JCK Original Kagayaki, JCK Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan, JCK Natures, Misono, Takeshi Saji and many other brands).
We apologize in advance for these unwelcome, but necessary, price changes and we very much appreciate your understanding regarding this matter. If you were considering buying a knife soon, we encourage you to make your purchase during our holiday special discount sale. We hope you will enjoy your fine Japanese knives and that they continue to enrich your cooking life.