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Masamoto HA Series Honyaki Blue Steel No.2

For the discriminating professional Chef, Masamoto’s Master craftsmen proudly present these exceptional HA Series Honyaki Ao-Ko (Blue Steel No.2) knives. Each knife is mirror polished, finished and sharpened entirely by hand and will surely enhance you joy of cooking.

To ensure the best possible cutting performance and blade hardness (HRc. 64-65), Blue Steel No.2 has comparable edge sharpness to White Steel No.2, but offers improved strength, toughness and edge retention. In theory, this should make these HA Series Honyaki knives a little less fragile than the HS Series Honyaki knives and their slightly superior edge retention will be an advantage to professionals who cannot stop to sharpen their knives during their busy working day.

Whilst the hardness, edge retention and sharpness of Masamoto’s Ao-ko Honyaki knives is truly remarkable, they are also difficult to sharpen and can be easily damaged by incorrect use. In Japan, they are normally only used by very experienced top-star Chefs, and similarly, we only recommend them for people who have extensive experience with traditional Japanese knives, or to knife collectors who wish to keep them in perfect, unused condition.

Each knife is fitted with a traditional Japanese octagonal magnolia wood handle with a water buffalo horn ferrule / collar and also includes a matching magnolia wood Saya (Sheath) for safekeeping.

Masamoto’s legendary Ao-ko Honyaki knives are made by special order request and are available in limited quantities, so please ask us about availability and delivery times before placing an order.