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Masamoto KK Series

The KK Series is Masamoto’s most affordable range of hand-made Japanese traditional-style Kasumi knives, however, they maintain the high standards of craftsmanship, product quality and cutting performance that Masamoto are famous for. The name “Kasumi” (Literally, “haze” or “mist”) derives from the hazy finish of the iron portion of these laminated knives.

The knives use a blade core of Hitachi White Steel No.2 (Shiro-ko #2; HRc. 62-63), which is forge-welded with soft iron. White Steel No.2 is very pure and is capable of achieving a high hardness level without being overly brittle, therefore it can be used to create very sharp edges with good edge retention, which are still easy to sharpen.

Each knife is fitted with a traditional Japanese ‘D-shaped’ magnolia wood handle with a water buffalo horn ferrule / collar. Except for the Nakiri knives, each knife also includes a matching magnolia wood Saya (Sheath) for safekeeping.

Due to the fine craftsmanship, quality of materials and cutting performance of these highly affordable knives, we recommend them to first-time users of Japanese traditional-style knives and to kitchen knife collectors who are on a strict budget.