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Amazing sharpness! Kanetsugu’s own research and technique made it possible. Located in Seki city of Japanese knife capital and 800 years long Sword making history, Kanetsugu is producing Katana sharp kitchen knives at reasonable price.

JCK is pleased to introduce "Extremely Sharp" knives from Kanetsugu; legendary swordsmiths from Seki, whose origins date back to Japan’s Teiwa period / Jowa era (1345-1349). For over 660 years the traditions and techniques of the Kantesugu swordsmiths have been faithfully passed down from master to apprentice. Mr. Mitsuyasu Kawamura, the current generation Kanetsugu smith and owner of Kanetsugu (Seki Kanetsugu Hamono Co., Ltd.), developed their PRO-M series and PRO-S series Chef's knives with the clear intention of bringing the legendary sharpness of the Katana to modern kitchen knives. He managed to achieve this admirable goal by marrying together ancient traditional techniques and cutting-edge production technology. When we exhibited these knives at the Las Vegas Gourmet Show in May, 2006. Mr. Kawamura demonstrated the amazing cutting performance of his knives by conducting a series of "Cutting Tests", and later on, he also performed a similar demonstration as a culinary school located in Las Vegas. Everybody who watched the tests was amazed by the incredible sharpness and cutting performance of his knives. Here is a comment from one of the lucky ‘door prize’ winners:
"I have received the Kanetsugu ProM Gyuto knife at the Personal Chef's Convention for PCN this month, and just wished to tell you how great this knife is. I have a set of Shun's which I love, but Kanetsugu Pro M Chef's Knife blows them away. I have added my name for your newsletter. Are you planning on adding this line on the web site? Thank You So Much.” 
Lance W. Lemke, Lemke's Custom Home Meals.

We are now ready to offer these amazingly sharp knives to our customers. We would like you all to experience their truly Katana-like sharpness and cutting power. 

The pricing of the Pro M series and Pro S series knives is very affordable and they are suitable for first users of Japanese knives, serious home chefs and even culinary professionals. The knives feel light and nimble in hand and their comfortable rounded handles provides a secure grip and good blade balance. 

The blades of the Kanetsugu Pro J series have a unique hammered pattern and their special Hamaguri-ba (Convex blade profile) provides exceptional cutting performance. High quality ZA-18 cobalt stainless steel is used for their cutting edge and sub-zero quenched to provide superb edge retention and edge sharpness (HRc. 60-61). 

Kanetsugu’s “Saiun” VG-10 Damascus knives (HRc. 60-61) not only provide exceptional cutting performance but also have beautiful blades, which are further accentuated by the wood-grain pattern of their durable black linen Micarta handles.

Last, but certainly not least, is Kanetsugu’s very affordable and highly practical Hybrid Wa Bocho series, a range of Japanese traditional-style single bevel edge knives that have been updated with a more contemporary design and modern materials, including a high carbon Molybdenum Vanadium stainless steel blade (HRc. 57).