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JCK Special Combination Whetstone Grit #1000/#4000


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JCK has been working with one of the best Whetstone manufacturers to search and develop the most practical Combination whetstone.

JCK Special Combination Whetstone, that is a practical and an economical "Two in One" with the most useful #1000 grit stone on one side and the #4000 grit stone on other side for fine finishing process.

We have paid a special attention to the most commonly used #1000 grit stone. In order to get maximum grinding force, we have used highest quality ingredients. The #4000 grit stone is also improved with high quality ingredients for finer and smoother sharpening process.

This is the All-Mighty whetstone and recommended for a home use to pro-chefs.

The stone is proudly marked with a JCK logo, and comes with a non-slip rubber sheet.

Sharpening Tips:  
 This Special Combination Whetstone does not need to be soaked in water before sharpening. They can be used immediately after watering the stone surface thoroughly. Occasional Watering during sharpening process will also help and improve smooth sharpening.


JCK Special Combination Whetstone #1000/#4000 Dimension

Length* 205mm
Width*  64mm
Height* 35mm


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