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Whetstone Flattener


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Another helpful tool for your knife sharpening to make the sharpening stone surface flat. After repeated uses of your whetstone, the surface becomes uneven and makes it difficult to keep a uniform stroke motion, so you need to re-shape the surface flat for smooth sharpening.

This is our recommended Whetstone Flattener for great grinding force and ease of use.

If the whetstone’s surface is very uneven and unflat, you can use the groove part side first for re-shaping the whetstone surface. This side has more grinding force and helps well for faster re-shaping process. After then, you can use the other side (flat side) for making completely flat surface.

We hope you will enjoy sharpening time to regain the original fine sharp edge of Japanese knives.

*This Whetstone Flattener requires to be soaked in water for approximate 10 minutes before starting to use. (until the bubbles will stop coming out from the whetstone).


Whetstone Flattener Dimension Length* 205mm
Width* 67mm
Height* 32mm


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