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JCK Special Whetstone #2000 Grit

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This #2000 grit Whetstone was specially developed and designed for advanced customers who occasionally sharpen their own knives and enjoy especially sharp edges.

For most use cases, we generally recommend sharpening with a #1000 grit Nakato whetstone and then sharpening with a Shiageto (Fine grit) whetstone to create a super sharp, precise edge. However, you can use a #2000 grit whetstone between your Nakato and Shiageto to make the transition between grits easier and to reduce the wear on your Shiageto

According to some Knife Sharpening Experts, you can actually use a #2000 grit whetstone for your entire sharpening process. This approach can provide a much easier and more efficient sharpening experience and you can maintain a very sharp cutting edge by gently refreshing your knife with a #2000 stone whenever you feel it start to dull. Many Chefs prefer knives sharpened to #2000-#3000 for cutting meat and fish.

As you can see, the #2000 grit whetstone is a versatile stone: With this single stone you can create and maintain a good sharp edge, or you can use it in between a Nakato and Shiageto whetstone. Similarly, the #2000 grit whetstone works well with a combination whetstone, such as the JCK Special Combination Whetstone #1000/#4000 Grit. We believe the JCK Special Whetstone #2000 Grit will be a great addition to your sharpening tool kit.

Even if you already own our Special Combination Whetstone #400/#1200 Grit and one of our Super-Fine Grit Whetstones, the #2000 Grit Whetstone can still be beneficial to your sharpening process and it will help you build a versatile, complete whetstone set.

The stone is proudly marked with the JCK logo and comes with a complimentary non-slip rubber sheet/pad.

Sharpening Tips:   

Before sharpening with this whetstone, please soak it in/under water for approximately 10 minutes (Until air bubbles stop coming out of the whetstone). To ensure a smooth and efficient sharpening experience, we recommend that you occasionally re-wet the surface of the stone during sharpening. Before storing your whetstone, please air-dry the stone in a cool, well-ventilated area, away from direct sunlight and other sources of heat.


JCK Special Whetstone Grit #2000 Dimension

Length* 207mm
Width*  75mm
Height* 27mm


Sharpening Tips:   

This Whetstone requires to be soaked in water for approximate 10 minutes before start sharpening. (until the bubbles will stop coming out from the whetstone).

After using, please hand wash the stone, and wipe it clean and dry with soft clothes. 



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