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JCK Special Combination Whetstone Grit #400/#1200


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This “Combo Whetstones” helps your every sharpening need from repairing a small chip, correcting blade disorder to putting the finest edge.

Our first combination whetstone Grit #1000/#4000 has been well received as the basic and daily use whetstone to regain the fine sharp edge on all types of blades and steels. However, you may also need some works to restore your knives to the original condition.

JCK Special Combination Whetstone Grit #400/#1200 (Arato/Nakato)

This New Combination Whetstone has a Rough Grit Whetstone (Arato) + Medium Rough Grit (Nakato). These rough grits will give you a great grinding force to correct the blade deformations such as uneven thickness, profile and small edge chipping etc. It is very important process to make your knife last longer and maintain a longer edge retention. We recommend to start with this rough grit sharpening occasionally, if not every time.

The combined #1200 grit Nakato is one of the most versatile whetstones, and you can sharpen and finish with the amazing sharp edge.

This is the most popular and useful whetstone in Japanese home kitchen. If you are considering a first whetstone, we recommend this combination whetstone to start with. Later, you can add the Finer Grits Whetstones, when it becomes necessary to get more detailed and precised edge.

This will be a great addition to your sharpening tools to keep your knives always ready to perform perfectly. The stone is proudly marked with a JCK logo, and comes with a non-slip rubber sheet.

Sharpening Tips:   

This Whetstone requires to be soaked in water for approximate 10 minutes before start sharpening. (until the bubbles will stop coming out from the whetstone).


JCK Special Combination Whetstone Grit #400/#1200 Dimension

Length* 210mm
Width*  64mm
Height* 34mm


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