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Super Fine Grit Whetstone #8000


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For those who care perfect edge and extra beauty of the blade without scratches or grind marks, Super FineGrit #8000 whetstone including powdered pure alumina polishing paste is designed for perfect final finishing process of sharpening and polishing the blades. Comes with sturdy wood base, and the dressing stone (Nagura Stone).

How and when to use the Dressing stone:

During the sharpening process on the super fine grits finishing stones,the stone surface sometimes becomes slippery with black shinny part. You can apply Dressing stone with water to polish and remove the black shinny part.

Sharpening Tips:  
This Special Combination Whetstone does not need to be soaked in water before sharpening. They can be used immediately after watering the stone surface thoroughly. Occasional Watering during sharpening process will also help and improve smooth sharpening.


Super Fine Grit Whetstone
   #8000 Dimension
Length* 205mm
Width*  75mm
Height* 25mm


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