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SHIKI 黒龍 Black Dragon Series

Master Masui Hiroaki is an innovative knife designer and talented knife maker, who has over 50 years of knife making experience. However, he is still very active and consistently challenges himself to create knives that incorporate new ideas and refreshing designs. He is one of the rare craftsmen who not only designs his own knives, but also creates those knives all by himself. He is a true ‘designer craftsman’.

 This time, Mr. Masui decided to design and produce a new range of knives for these SHIKI High-End Custom line of knives. Each time he makes these very special, stunning high-grade custom knives, he devotes all of his available time, skill and energy in to producing them.

 To distinguish these very special ‘SHIKI High-End Custom’ knives from his other SHIKI brand knives, Mr. Masui has selected to use only the very best materials and has spent even more time to ensure that every production process, particularly the detailed hand finishing, is performed faultlessly. In addition, each blade is proudly hand engraved (With hammer and engraving chisel) with Japanese Kanji that read “SHIKI Hiroaki-made”.

 For the handle scales, Mr. Masui searched to find some rare and unique “California Buck Eye” resin-stabilized wood and arranged to have it specially imported from the U.S.A. This beautiful wood has a natural and dramatic figure that varies in color from an attractive warm cream through to a smokey-gray. Because this is a natural material, each piece of wood has unique figuring and slightly different coloring; therefore, each purchaser will have a "one-of-a-kind" knife! In addition, because this wood has been resin-stabilized, it is extremely resistant to shrinking and is very water-resistant.

 The ‘California Buck Eye’ handle scales and the seamlessly welded stainless steel bolster are nicely hand contoured, for perfect balance and comfortable grip. Three gorgeous decorative Mosaic Pins add an elegant accent and contrast nicely with the unique wood handle.

 The special matt finish and silver-gray coloring of the VG-10 Nickel Damascus blade was also specially developed to beautifully echo the figure and color of the ‘California Buck Eye’ handle scales. Mr. Masui struggled to create this unique matt finish for his Damascus blades and tested several different acid etching techniques and etching times before he was completely satisfied with the appearance and texture of the uneven Damascus layers. He also discovered that a light bead blasting created just the right appearance for the shinny nickel layers. I’m sure that you will love the outstanding Damascus blade finish of his new knives.

 Of course, Mr. Masui also remembered to pay special attention to the bolster, which received an extra finishing process to make sure that it is harmonious with the matt finish and calm silver tones of the Damascus.

 Every little detail of these knives is exquisite, Mr. Masui did not make any compromises. We are proud to introduce these SHIKI High End Custom Damascus Series knives to our customers and recommend them to anyone who seeks the pleasure of owning and using knives that are not only highly functional, but also aesthetically beautiful. They are a testament to the passion and diligence of their maker.

 Please Note: Each knife is available in very limited quantities, so please order these ‘Top of the line’ SHIKI High-End Custom Damascus knives while stocks last!