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SHIKI 守護神 Guardian Series

The perfectly mirror polished stainless VG-10 Nickel Damascus blade of these knives will always shine in your kitchen and is perfectly complemented by the handmade, comfortably contoured, well balanced and attractively-designed custom handles, which reliably provide an excellent grip and make these knives a joy to own and use. The VG-10 cutting edge is hardened to HRc.60-61 and is highly regarded because of its reliability, toughness, sharpness and long edge life.

The “SHIKI Guardian” series were the first knives to be released under the “SHIKI” brand, just over 10 years ago. However, ever since their release, Master Masui has invested a lot of time in to further research and development to allow him to further improve each individual detail of these knives and their overall quality. In 2016, we re-named these fine Damascus kitchen knives “守護神”, or “Guardian”, because we felt that they shone brightly and clearly stood above many of the other Damascus knives on the market due to their high production standards and fine craftsmanship.

Master Masui carefully selected three different high-quality handle scale materials for the knives, which are listed below:

• “Dupont™ Pure White Corian® Handle Scales”: - Nicely accents the patterned Damascus and has a neat, stylish appearance. Waterproof, very stable and durable.
• “African Ebony Wood Handle Scales”: - Nicely accents the patterned Damascus and has a simple, classic appearance.
• “Quince Burl Wood Handle Scales”: - A rare, beautiful and distinctive wood that has a natural, ‘organic’ texture.

Mr. Masui contours and finishes all of these handles by hand. These knives also feature seamless stainless steel bolsters, decorative mosaic pins and a full-width blade tang that is tapered by hand to improve blade balance.

Shiki Guardian series knives are not just Damascus knives, they are also handcrafted pieces of art that you will feel proud to own. They will be your loyal cooking companion and their beautiful shining blades will bring you joy.