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Misono Sweden Steel Series | Forged Carbon Steel

Made using a very pure Swedish high carbon tool steel, each knife in the Misono Swedish Steel Series is very carefully hand-forged to create a masterpiece of "Hagane Hocho" that features excellent edge sharpness, very good edge retention and is easy to re-sharpen (HRc. 60).

Because Misono knives look like many other classic Western Chef’s knives, it often difficult for inexperienced users to discern the quality of their blades. To help us express the quality of Misono’s knives to our customers, we sought the opinion of a professional who has over half a century of experience in the knife industry and decades of experience in using and sharpening many different kinds of knife. He clearly stated that in his, unbiased opinion, Misosno’s Swedish Steel Series knives are the best carbon steel knives currently being made in Japan.

The knives feature full tang construction, water-resistant black pakkawood (Resin impregnated wood composite) handle scales and steel bolsters for extra durability and improved blade balance.

To meet a wide variety of you cutting needs, a total of 27 different kinds and sizes of these fine Carbon steel blades are available. Highly recommended for Carbon steel lovers and culinary professionals!

An impressive Japanese –style engraving of either a Flower or a Dragon is present on the following knives:

Flower Engraving:- No.180 Santoku 140mm, No.183 Santoku 160mm, No.181 Santoku 180mm, No.111 Gyuto 180mm, No.118 Gyuto 195mm, No.112 Gyuto 210mm

Dragon Engraving:- No.113 Gyuto 240mm, No.114 Gyuto 270mm, No.115 Gyuto 300mm, No.116 Gyuto 330mm, No.117 Gyuto 360mm, No.121 Sujihiki 240mm, No.122 Sujihiki 270mm, No.123 Sujihiki 300mm, No.124 Sujihiki 330mm, No.125 Sujihiki 360mm, No.150 Western Deba 165mm, No.151 Western Deba 210mm, No.152 Western Deba 240mm, No.153 Western Deba 270mm