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Misono UX10 Series | Pure Sweden Stainless Steel

Using a high purity special stainless steel produced by a Swedish steel company, Misono has combined time-tested tradition techniques with new technological advances to create their ultimate line of stainless steel Chef's knives. The UX10 Series have exceptionally rust-resistant blades yet, just like high carbon steel knives, they offer extremely sharp edges and are easy to re-sharpen (HRc. 59-60).

Perfect balance and grip is provided by using full tang construction, water-resistant black pakkawood (Resin impregnated wood composite) handle scales and a nickel silver bolster, which adds a stylish accent.

Misono's fine craftsmanship and product policy can be seen in every detail of the UX10 Series knives. From amongst Misono's wide selection of knives, the UX10 Series stand as a flagship of Misono’s craftsmanship and a dream knife for professional users.
Misono craftsmen make extra hand sharpening steps by whetstone for all of UX10 Series knives. You can experience extreme sharpness and high cutting performance straight from the box!

Misono’s best-selling UX10 Series of knives have also been praised in several famous publications, including the L.A. Times!

To meet a wide variety of you cutting needs, a comprehensive range of different knife types and sizes is available.