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JCK Natures SAKURA ROAD Aogami Super Series

Every Spring season, the arrival of the beautiful Sakura (Cherry tree blossom) is a special moment for the people of Japan. The Sakura bring so many different things to the Japanese people, Japanese scenery and Japanese culture. Although the Sakura only last for a short period each year, it is always one of the most beautiful moments and we will never forget it.


The JCK Natures Sakura Road Aogami Super Series will always remind us of the special Cherry Blossom season and their high cutting performance will leave a similarly great, long-lasting impact.

The blade core is made from Japan’s premium high carbon steel, Hitachi Aogami Super (Blue Super Steel. HRc. 63 to 64) and it is sandwiched between two layers of soft, corrosion-resistant stainless steel.

These knives should not require a lot of maintenance, but the exposed blade core can discolor or rust if it is exposed to acid, salt or water for an extended period of time.Aogami Super (“Super Blue Steel”) is a premier-quality Japanese Hagane (Blade edge steel) and it has a rich chemical composition, Including high quantities of Carbon (1.40 to 1.50), a little Chromium (0.30 to 0.50) and Tungsten (2.00 to 2.50). When it is properly forged and heat treated, this chemistry enables the steel to provide exceptional edge retention and edge stability.
The experienced craftsmen wanted to maximize the cutting performance offered by this premium carbon steel; In addition to careful heat treatment, they took extra care during the hand-grinding and hand-sharpening processes because they wanted to create thin cutting edges and even 50/50 edge geometry.
The combination of handle materials —Red and Black Pakka Wood, Stainless Steel and Shinning Polished Copper Ring— remind us of the beautiful SAKURA season and the freshness of Spring each time we see or handle these knives.
We hope you will feel and appreciate the spirit of craftsmanship, the fresh sensation and the outstanding cutting performance of the JCK Natures “Sakura Road” Aogami Super Series knives.