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JCK Natures Deep Impact Series

 Personally, if I needed to choose a knife for the daily preparation of food, I think cutting performance and edge retention would come at the top of my priority list. Moreover, if the knife didn’t require much additional care and attention in terms of daily maintenance, it would make my decision that much easier.
In fact, I think that our new line “Deep Impact” knives, whose name originates from the Japanese word “Syogeki”, would be among my top choices because they match my aforementioned preferences very well.

 Their blades are made of Japan’s premium high carbon steel, Aogami Super (“Blue Super Steel”), which is sandwiched between two layers of soft stainless steel and then heat treated to HRc. 64-65.
The 3-layer lamination is beneficial, because the softer outer layers of stainless steel support the very hard steel core, and thus reduces damage caused by shock. The stainless steel is durable and provides very good corrosion resistance, which reduces the need for maintenance.

 The handle is made from black paper Micarta, which is a very durable and stable material. It is water-resistant, and will not shrink or crack in the same way that wood does.

 I believe that we would all like to use our knives for as long as possible. However, if you are not satisfied with the cutting performance and edge retention of your knife, you may decide to stop using it. I believe the Syogeki Aogami Super knives will have a Deep Impact on this aspect of your cooking, and that their superb edge sharpness and edge retention will dramatically improve your cooking experience.
A total of 6 different types and sizes of Deep Impact Aogami Super knives are now available and ready to be your long-term cooking partners.